Taylor Swift teeters on tiptoe after Louboutin heel BREAKS during concert and she throws it into crowd

People found it funny that Taylor Swift was compared to Barbie after the heel of her Louboutin shoes broke on stage and she had to balance on her toes. 

Someone posted a video of the 33-year-old singer of “Bad Blood” welcoming her Brazilian fans to her show in Rio. In it, she was heard speaking to them in Portuguese. 

In the video, she was seen walking around in knee-high silver boots that only had one heel on. To make up for it, Taylor kept her other foot up.

The way her feet were placed quickly reminded people of when Margot Robbie took off her high-heeled slippers in the Barbie movie and showed that her feet were still arched, just like the famous doll’s. 

After posting a picture of Taylor and Margot’s feet next to each other on Twitter, one fan said, “Taylor Swift IS the real life Barbie.” 

Just like Barbie! Taylor Swift sparked some hilarious Barbie comparisons, after she was left teetering on her tiptoe when the heel of her Louboutin broke onstage (L)The Bad Blood hitmaker, 33, was seen speaking to her Brazilian fans in Portuguese as she welcomed them to her show in Rio in a video posted by a fan; she is seen in Rio on Sunday