Taylor Swift looks extremely beautiful with light makeup when the pop star went to the gym in New York

The British Mirror page has just posted a new series of photos of Taylor Swift when the female singer went to the gym in New York. The “Blank Space” singer looks extremely beautiful with light makeup

Taylor Swift - Leaving The Gym in Chelsea in New York City 8/24/2016 • CelebMafia

Taylor Swift continued her daily workout routine on Wednesday, heading to the gym following her breakup from Tom Hiddleston.

The 26-year-old actress was photographed in New York wearing long leggings and a clinging t-shirt that highlighted her slim figure.

While Tom has been seen turning to his pals for comfort this week following the breakup, Taylor appears to be going solo.


Taylor in NYC today - Taylor Swift - FOTP

Taylor’s outing on Wednesday comes as friends of the star tell Us Weekly that she and Tom attempted to work out their differences in mid-August, meeting at her Rhode Island home to talk after struggling to maintain a long-distance relationship.


They were almost inseparable when they first began dating in June, and the couple reportedly struggled to adjust to being apart so much while Tom was in Australia filming Thor: Ragnarok.

‘Their frustrations began to boil over, resulting in their first major blowout in early August,’ an insider told the magazine.

According to sources, Tom, 35, is embarrassed about the way the relationship ended.

Taylor reportedly ended the relationship after regretting how public the first few weeks were and getting the impression that Tom enjoyed the spotlight.

‘Taylor was aware of the negative consequences of public displays of affection, but Tom ignored her concerns when she expressed them.’



Sau tin đồn cãi nhau với Tom, Taylor Swift lại gây chú ý vì vòng 1 to bất thường - Ảnh 2.