Drake Mentions Taylor Swift AGAIN In His New Song: Taylor Made Freestyle – Praise Taylor and Respond to Kendrick Lamar’s Criticism

While Taylor Swift released a new album, Drake also returned with a song called “Taylor Made Freestyle”.

Drake calls Taylor Swift the biggest gangster in music - Photo 1.

Drake recently surprised the audience when he once again mentioned Taylor Swift in his new song called Taylor Made Freestyle. Notably, this is a song intended to respond to Kendrick Lamar’s previous criticism and also implies that Lamar has not responded because he does not want to compete on the chart with the star born in 1989.

Drake Calls Taylor Swift 'Biggest Gangster in Music' in Kendrick Lamar Diss

The reference to Taylor in Drake’s song is as follows: “Now we have to wait another week because Taylor Swift is on the chart. If you’re going to drop, she has to approve. Taylor adjusted your schedule with Ant, you can’t keep up.”

Not stopping there, the male rapper also praised the American pop star: “Praise Taylor Swift – the biggest gangster in the music industry today.”

This is not the first time Rihanna’s ex has mentioned Taylor in her song. Previously in November 2023, in the song Red Button, the male rapper also mentioned the female singer and affirmed that she was the only person who forced him to release the album later.

In fact, Drake and Taylor Swift are always two of the artists who regularly compete for the top spot on music charts. Therefore, the fact that Drake mentioned female stars in his songs made the audience extremely excited.